Hello and welcome to my project!

My name is Kim. I am a history graduate from the University of York and most recently an International Citizenship Service (ICS) volunteer with Raleigh International. From February 2020 I spent six weeks living in Mbugani Tanzania to facilitate the development of young entrepreneurs as part of Raleigh’s Livelihoods programme.

Since my internship at the Centre for Applied Human Rights at the University of York, I have been motivated to learn more about the challenges facing human rights defenders (HRDs) and the capabilities individuals have to safeguard human rights on a local level. Comparing the home lives of my Tanzanian counterparts and the responses within my own community to the Covid-19 crisis, I have noticed that so many people strive unknowingly to safeguarding human rights because it is not a vocabulary we use in everyday conversation.

​I am determined to further understand how human rights can affect our everyday lives from the individual’s right to an adequate standard of living, to the freedoms of national institutions such as the press. By drawing attention to the strategies and terminology that surrounds the protection of human rights, I hope to contribute to their normalisation and demonstrate that everyday people making even the most subtle change can make a massive difference.

About Communities Against Covid

The concept that large scale change will only be achieved through the small contributions of many individuals is not new but it is taken for granted.

It’s often easier to think that someone else will make the effort to make a change or solve a problem. But as the ultimatum of the global climate crisis inches ever closer and world leaders begin to tackle the Covid-19 Pandemic, the sobering realisation that a global crisis will remain a global crisis until change is instigated by every global citizen is beginning to become widely accepted. Global freedom from these threats will not occur until every global citizen makes a positive and sustainable contribution to the interdependent relationship of which we are all a part and we are all affected by.

Sharing successful initiatives that are making a positive impact against the effects of Covid  provide knowledge and inspiration for other communities that are facing similar problems. By demonstrating that the driving force behind national and global efforts are the countless examples of local level initiatives, I hope to prove that this is a strategy that can be used not only to combat the shared effects of Covid-19 but existing and future global crises.