Youth Covid Response Volunteering Opportunity

Do you want to be part of a campaign to help limit the impact of COVID-19 in the UK? Do you want to gain incredible skills and connect to a group of like minded people? Do you want to bring about a positive change in the world you live, all while adding to your CV? […]

Logo for the One Can Trust

The One Can Trust Foodbank

Written by Becky Howitt, volunteer for the One Can Trust. One Can Trust is a local foodbank that was established in 2011 in a small cupboard in St Andrew’s Church, High Wycombe. During this time, the church was broken into twice but all that was stolen was the food, bringing to light the desperate measures […]

Logo for the sustainable development goals

10 Must Know Facts about the Future of Sustainable Global Development.

In 2012, the United Nations Rio+20 Summit took place in New York amid fears about the sustainability of our planet. Within a discussion to define the environmental and economic goals of the global community, the purpose of the conference was to come up with a plan to  ‘[meet] the needs of the present’ without compromising […]

Climate Action During COVID-19

Written by Emma Askew founder of Earth Minutes. Earth Minutes is an environmental communication and education service that uses creative mediums, such as film production, to spread crucial environmental research across a diverse range of audiences. Our mission is to engage and empower as many people as possible to drive positive, environmental action. Importantly, over […]


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